Website Development

Want to set up a website and don't know where to begin?

We organise hosting and domain names and give you your own website template tailored for your needs. Contact us now!

Media and Marketing

Logo Design, Company Branding, SEO

We design company logos which are focal points to your brand identity. We can help market your brand through SEO and unique design.

PC and Mac Support

Experts on all platforms. Apple Macs, Windows XP/7/8, Ubuntu

Services include; Virus Removal, Data Recovery, Repairing Windows, Anti Virus installation, Software training, Set up.

IT Biotics - Cure For All IT Problems

Heard of Sir Alexander Fleming? He discovered Penicillin in 1928. It is the most common used antibiotics for infections to this day. Why has this got anything to do with my IT problem you may ask? Well it is because computers require the same level of expertise and help as us, we wouldn't administer antibiotics to our self, so why would you take a risk and not call an expert to solve your IT problem. IT Biotics provide professional support to all IT problems to all kinds of users. We have a team of qualified IT Specialists who can deal with your issues today. Contact us now for some IT Biotics help.

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